[Btvs] Scars that won't heal


This journal is

I have a new journal I've been using for a while now.
I won't delete this one because I like going back and reading my old entries.
I will not use it anymore though.

If you are here for my icons you can find them in my icon journal red_candles.
&if you are here because of me - my new journal isourdeadletters.
[Btvs] Scars that won't heal

Just to make it officially

This journal is from now on

Comment to be added :)

I'm not very picky about whom I add and I'll most likely add you back,
just don't add me if you type like an 11 year old or
post your suicide plans every second day.
I won't hate you if you don't comment on every entry,
because I know that we all have a life, but a little comment from time to time
so that I know you're still alive would be nice.
I'll comment as well whenever I have something to say :)
I'm a fangirl and I love talking about my fandoms, but I do have a life
outside of lj so my posts won't be about the same old stuff again and again.
I like my flist how it is right now and I'm not trying to have a hundred friends,
but don't be afraid to add me, I love to meet new people :)
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